Raise a Glass pays homage to artisanal beverages and the way they ignite the senses, inspire conversation & connection between people.  Whether you're a drinks hobbyist, industry professional or beverage producer, you will find inspiration in the content and conversations with industry experts from throughout the world.   


"Really enjoyed going on this journey with Robert. Had a blast learning more about my favorite libation from our southern neighbor. If you don’t know Mezcal, what are you waiting for? Can’t wait to dive in and hear more."

"Robert is smart, witty, opinionated, and knows a ton about booze and culture. Shake it all up and you got a kick ass podcast! Can’t wait to see how it evolves. . ."
"Robert Sickler is a man of many disciplines who has chosen to grab life by the utters and squeeze as much milk out as possible. He has resided in various corners of the world in an effort to diversify his perspective, sharpen his palate, and above all make friends and memories along the way."
"Robert Sickler, Spirits bon viveur, Educator, dear friend to many and now celebrated podcaster, introduces you to his newest venture. A conversation with friends accumulated over many years of working in and around intoxication of the most marvelous sort. The would be the Intoxication of life."
"[Robert's] emerging talent as a Podcast Master is exciting to experience and enjoy. He is one of those big brain types, as my son would say. That brain is coupled with a deep sense of purpose to invite all of us along on a journey less traveled, knowledge and wisdom."


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